Celebrating 10 Years of Kindness with Random Acts

Kindness inspires kindness, and every individual can be a catalyst to change lives for the better

Our role is to provide a vast network of caring people with the encouragement and support they need to help create a kinder world.

Help Spread Kindness

Over the past ten years, with the help of our donors Random Acts has given more than a million dollars to support more than 1,600 acts of kindness in 45 countries. Your support has helped frontline healthcare workers, provided emergency aid after natural disasters, fought poverty and childhood hunger, and let us fund acts of generosity and kindness around the world. Past campaigns have benefitted education, the environment, combatting homelessness, animal welfare, older community memebers, and refugees.

With your help, we can continue our mission to spread kindness, help those in need, and make the world a better place.















































2019 Random Acts expenses

We are staffed 100% by volunteers and don’t have any physical office space to rent or maintain, which means that the vast majority of your donation goes directly to acts of kindness. A small percentage of your donations cover our administrative costs, but we always try to keep these as low as possible.