Winter Kindness and Warm Hearts

This past December, Random Acts’ official #GetKind theme, “Friends and Family”, spurred a host of new photos, videos, and heartwarming stories from supporters who had made an effort to really show kindness for their loved ones. But friends and relatives weren’t the only ones who received a special gift of kindness — some recipients were simply strangers who our followers and volunteers felt deserved a little extra love and compassion during the hard winter months.

“Each year, Causeway Coast Vineyard [in Northern Ireland] gives individuals in the community, who may otherwise not be able to celebrate Christmas, the chance to come together in celebration with each other,” wrote Regional Representative Emma (UK North). “Many of the guests may not have the means to provide a proper holiday for themselves or their families, or may be in the position of facing the holidays alone.”

Rather than simply standing by and watching the kindness in her community unfold, Emma decided to lend a helping hand. After employing the help of Random Acts for funding and resources, Emma was able to help event organizers purchase gloves, warm socks, and other cold-weather items, as well as personal care items and a few snacks and sweets, which were then wrapped in beautiful paper and placed in the local ministry’s Christmas display window. Dinner guests were gifted with their care packages on the night of the holiday party.

“The dinner was a huge success,” wrote Emma. “It was a fantastic project to be involved in and great to know that we brought so much joy to those struggling in the cold season.”

Said Tori Sheppard, Director of Women’s Ministry, who organizes the gift-giving each year:

“The generous donation from Random Acts has meant that we were able to 
purchase gift wrap and presents for over 50 of the people who will be attending the Compassion Christmas Dinner. And because we had the extra funds this year the gifts are better quality than we have ever been able to afford in the past. Truly it has been a Christmas Joy for us to be able to provide these lovely gifts to these very special guests on Christmas Day.”


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts. 

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