Warm Rugs for a Home in Missouri

Missouri winters are known for unpredictable weather, ranging from floods to bone-chilling temperatures. It can feel even colder when you are a newcomer with very few personal connections in the area. That is why Random Acts Inventory Specialist Holli DeWees took it upon herself to give one immigrant family in Mid-Missouri a warm welcome.

Warm Rugs Under Little Feet

The family enjoying the rugs

When Zuhnia reached out to Holli about her friends, an immigrant family from Iraq, Holli knew immediately that she wanted to help. The family had recently experienced a hardship: their father went on a trip to Iraq but was unable to return. This left his wife and nine children on their own.

Compounding the emotional pain of being without a loved one was the lack of physical comfort in their home. The floors in their unit were “linoleum flooring with patches of cement showing through,” Holli said. Using funds donated by our lovely supporters, Holli was able to purchase two large, warm rugs for the living areas.

The children welcomed Holli with open arms when she came to deliver the rugs. “The older children were so excited, they ran outside to meet me when I pulled up, eagerly helping me carry everything inside. Once we laid it all down, the youngest children ran their fingers through it, splayed out, and swung their arms and legs, as if making snow angels. Their mother kept thanking me repeatedly, as Zuhnia translated for us,” Holli said of her visit.

The children making snow angels

Holli explained how thankful she was for the experience: “I feel so lucky to have met this warm family; I’m honored to have played any role at all.”

Create Kindness, Wherever You Are!

Did this story inspire you to perform a random act of kindness for someone in your community? Go for it! You can apply for funding on our Sponsored Acts page. If you need help with your plan, reach out to a Regional Representative in your area!