Valentines As Tokens of Thanks in Florida

One of the students that made valentines.

When Random Acts Regional Representative Misty Cash gave out valentines during the Parkland Day of Remembrance last year, someone was so moved it brought them to tears. That is why she decided to do it again this year.

Parkland’s Day of Remembrance happens on February 14th, the same day as Valentine’s Day. It can’t help but be thought of in February all across Florida, including at Chiles High School, some six hours away from the horrific incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 teens and adults lost their lives in 2018.

That’s why Misty decided to get involved for the second year in a row to show some appreciation for legislators and lobbyists and their tireless work in the wake of this and other tragedies.

Saying Thanks

With the help of ten very special students from Chiles High School, Misty made hundreds of valentines.

Misty with the valentines.

Then on February 13th, she went to the state capital to hand them out particularly to the staff who have dedicated so much time to this cause. On this trip, the two students that came with her also got a look at how the government worked from the inside and had a chance to meet several legislators in person.

Giving Love Away

Then, on Valentine’s Day, Misty took the remaining valentines, along with candy and balloons and passed them around to anyone she saw walking by.

In all, they gave away more than 250 valentines, 10 boxes of candy, and 10 balloons.

People were stunned at the thoughtfulness of the gesture. One woman was so touched by her valentine she asked if she could hug Misty in thanks.

“They couldn’t believe we were there doing this. Usually, people only come to their office to ask for something,” said Misty.

Giving valentines out.

Valentine’s Day is a time that is meant to express love and appreciation, but for many, especially in Florida, it comes around a painful time of remembrance.

“This is a day that can be hard for some people,” Misty noted. “My goal in doing it each year is to show people they are special, they are loved, and they are amazing. It’s my favorite act that I have ever done.”

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