Supplies for Success in Townsville

In February of 2019, on the northeastern coast of Queensland, Australia, the city of Townsville experienced severe flooding –  the worst flooding in 24 years. The floodwaters caused devastation to homes as well as agriculture and livestock. There were also several casualties in the area. Another consequence for the community was that schools could not reopen on time. Now that the flood waters are receding, local communities are banding together to get students back to their studies as quickly as possible. Teachers held classes via video link using photocopies of textbooks where available as councils worked to replace furniture and carpeting. Before classes could resume, however, students needed to replace their school supplies – something not every student could afford to do.

Dive into Action

Our Assistant Event Coordinator Beverly Burrows Pym, who lives in the Far North Queensland region, realized that Random Acts could lend a hand to get some students the supplies they need. In one high school, the students in senior grades were in need of backpacks, water bottles, stationery, and pencil cases in order to be equipped for classes on the school campus as they begin preparing for their secondary education finals. Using Random Acts resources, Beverly purchased the materials they needed to succeed as they prepared for their finals.


Onwards and Upwards

With the flooding receded and the school reopened, the students are now back in session and excited to learn. At Random Acts, we are constantly grateful for the funding from our supporters that allows us to be able to support communities like this in return. If you know a person or community like Beverley’s that could use a little kindness, let us know. We are here to help – learn more about Sponsored Acts.