Showering A Growing Family With Kindness

Sara and the mother-to-be at the baby shower

New babies are a blessing, but boy can they be expensive! According to, the average US family spends $12,000 in the baby’s first year of life. One of the most helpful things for a new parent can be a baby shower, where their friends and family can help offset some of these costs by gifting the necessary items a newborn needs. Unfortunately, this can be a financial burden for the family as well — baby showers can cost hundreds of dollars to host.

Sara Dmystryshak saw that a local mother of three was struggling to put on a baby shower for her own daughter. This mother never had the benefit of one for any of her three girls, and she wanted to make sure to set her daughter and grandson up from the very start.

Fruit baby at the baby shower

With the help of Random Acts, Sara was able to host a baby shower for the mother-to-be and family at a local church. As well as providing the food, drinks, cake, decorations, and favors, she even made a “fruit baby” which she says “….is way harder than it looks!” Thanks to funding made possible by our generous supporters, Sara also bought gifts for the mother-to-be and Junior.

Happily, the event was a huge success! “We planned and plotted, and it all came together,” Sara said. “The cake was amazing. The food was amazing. The gifts were amazing. The decorations and favors were adorable. The mama-to-be was stunning.”

We wish the very best for this mother-to-be and her growing family!

Do you have an idea for an act of kindness for someone in your community, but need a little help? Random Acts may be able to provide financial assistance to get your plans off the ground!