Share a Smile

Sometimes a smile is the kindest gift you can give. At least, that’s what Random Acts supporter Amandine Boniface had in mind when she proposed her act of kindness to us earlier this year. In March, Amandine reached out to us and submitted an act proposal form for a project with unique twist: instead of simply making meals for those less fortunate, she proposed, wouldn’t it be even better if those meals came with a smile and a friendly conversation?

Of course, Random Acts was excited to help out. With her allotted funds, Amandine and her friend were able to head out to the market and purchase snacks and beverages and set up camp inside one of the metro stations in Montreal, Quebec.

“I discovered that because of the horribly cold winter, there were so many homeless in the metro. I’ve wanted for a long time to do an event where I could help them a little, giving them food, listening to them,” she said. “But what I really wanted was to gather them together…. I’m always sad to see how homeless are ignored, as if they’re contagious, and I wanted to do something where everyone, homeless or not, would like to come and have a break, to talk to each other.” Even without a traditional “stand” in place, Amandine and her friend were able to converse with plenty of community members about their project.

“My friend and I talked to so many people, many of them homeless or without a job, and they took the time to really talk with us, to share with us their story,” she said. “It was a very nice moment for all of us. I think we showed people that even without a lot of money and means, we can do something.”

How did her project inspire others? “My mother has decided that she will do some humanitarian work during her upcoming retirement, and I’ll be so glad to help her,” she told us recently.

And it’s not just others that she’s inspiring either: “Although I haven’t done any new events since [this last one], I sometimes try to make extra food that I can give on my way to work. I can’t help being enthusiastic about it!”

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

Looking to make a difference in the world the way Amandine did? Start brainstorming some ideas for your own kindness project and submit your completed act proposal form here.