Scarves For The Little Lambs of Utah

There are few rare combinations more wonder-like than children and their active imaginations. They have plotted how to slay the monsters living underneath their treehouses and written the everyday narratives of their Barbie dolls. They have even created cuisines out of unusual kitchen staples. So when it came to spinning yarns and decorating scarves in order to #GetKind, not only was there fun to be had but their creativity helped a great cause!

Picture courtesy of Ana.

Glammed Scarves

The Little Lambs Foundation for Kids Inc is a non-profit organization striving to provide the care needed for struggling families and fostered youths in Utah. Whether it may be a basic need they cannot afford or are unable to gain access to, or something snuggly like a comfort knit. Random Acts supporter Ana Fuentes organized working stations where children were designated a volunteer who helped them glam up a total of 60 scarves through a variety of colorful butt

Picture courtesy of Ana.

ons, ribbons, and crayons. In addition, they wrote personalized notes on gift tags that were attached to the bundles of warmth.

Warmly Comforted

Ana noted the gleeful nature each child had when they walked up to place the finalized scarves into the donation box to be shipped off to the charity. There is something special in children having a little fun which in turn ends up helping someone else in need. It reminds us that the simplicity of childhood curiosity can cause waves.

If you have any ideas on how to spread kindness into the community that may need financial assistance then let us know! To learn more, make sure to read about Sponsored Acts.