Replacing Tragedy with Love

Dedicated supporter Laura Rogers was faced with numerous bouts of tragedy during 2012. “I work with kids at the Boys & Girls of Club of Fort Atkinson in Wisconsin, so that summer was especially stressful for me, hearing about the shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The latter event touched very closely to one of my kids.”

Around the same time, Laura lost a beloved uncle. “It took some time, but eventually I recovered from the mental anxiety and began happily working again. But then a few months later, on my birthday that December, the heartbreaking events of Sandy Hook Elementary happened. It really shook me.”

One year later, faced with the reminder of those devastating events, Laura decided to do something positive about it — to take back her birthdate in a unique way. “I wanted to reclaim the memories of that day and give the kids in my community something special to remember instead,” she wrote to Random Acts in her act proposal. She requested funds for a special surprise: balloons for the children of her Boys and Girls Club.

Thrilled with her idea, Random Acts quickly granted her financial aid request and Laura got to planning. A few short weeks later, as she handed out balloons and shared smiles and fun activities with her kids, Laura’s heart was mended. “It was healing to watch the kids go home with their parents surprised and so happy that day,” she writes. To top things off, Laura also learned that the artwork she had sent to Sandy Hook Elementary as a gift had been accepted. “My personal snowflake art was used to decorate the halls of that school for the children, to welcome them back to class.”

In the end, Laura Rogers didn’t just take back her birthday — she did it with flying colors and brightened the lives of her young students (and some with whom she wasn’t even acquainted) in the process.


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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