#RANoHungryChild: A Thanksgiving Feast in Minnesota

Thanksgiving is a holiday based on abundance. We are thankful for an abundance of friends, family, fortune, and, most of all, food! But what about those who might not have many resources? Here at Random Acts, we believe that everyone deserves to have a happy holiday season. It is with that belief that Random Acts Director of Operations Jennifer Willis-Rivera set out to make one family’s Thanksgiving a bit brighter.

A Thanksgiving Haul

Our story begins with a conversation Jen had with a former student. During the course of the conversation, Jen discovered that this former student was one of the main caretakers for her family, and they were struggling to keep food on the table. In order to get fresh fruit and vegetables, sometimes they would need to stand in line for two hours before the local food pantry opened. Jen’s initial plan was to buy the family gift cards to a grocery store, but then she decided to take them grocery shopping as well. “It was fun watching them pick out things they couldn’t normally get,” Jen said about the shopping trip. “I had so much fun encouraging them to get more food when they felt hesitant.”

Two sisters shopping for food


Because of Jen’s gift, the family had more than enough to go around on Thanksgiving. “Her family sent me photos of the food they were cooking. She said her mom was overwhelmed and in tears when they told her. Everyone was so excited to have so much food.” Thanks to Jen and our generous donors, a family in Minnesota had a truly plentiful Thanksgiving!

The shopping trip haul!






Want to help? Here is how!

Are you thinking about doing an act of kindness for someone in need? Let us know! You can apply for funding on our Sponsored Acts page! Do you want to talk it through with someone first? Ask a Regional Representative in your area for guidance!

This act of kindness was funded by our generous supporters during Random Acts’ annual fundraising event Endure4Kindness (E4K) in November 2018. Please consider making a donation to help fund random acts of kindness throughout the year!