#RAHolidayKindness: Library Love

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Random Acts has been spreading the holiday cheer! This season, each staff member received $150 to put towards an #RAHolidayKindness act of their choice. Although we encourage spreading kindness all year long, the holiday season is an extra special time to focus on sharing our love, time, and resources with others. We had so much fun making holiday magic happen, it only makes sense to spread the cheer with our blog series! Let’s see what the Random Acts elves have been up to…

library activity tablesYou want to talk about magic? There’s almost nothing more magical than a library. Libraries house centuries of wisdom and shelter a myriad of stories for people of all ages. But sometimes they need our help. That’s where Random Acts stepped in.

library activity tablesThe Bloomfield Public Library is the local library for Grant Writer Kiernan Gladman. She used her holiday kindness funds to purchase a critical item from the library’s wish list — activity tables for their children’s area.

The bright, colorful tables are already in place at the library, ready for even their littlest patrons to enjoy. And the great thing is, this #RAHolidayKindness act will be enjoyed for many holidays and many years to come.

Do you know someone who could use a little kindness magic? We may be able to help! Learn more about our Sponsored Acts, and let’s spread some kindness together.