#RAHolidayKindness: Inspired to Give

It may be February, but here at Random Acts, Christmas kindness is still keeping our hearts warm and joyful. Today we turn our attention to staff member E. Rose Demarco, our Event Coordinator for E4K, to share how she helped bring holiday cheer to not one but two families this year.

Presents for Parents

Every Christmas in Matawan, New Jersey, the First Presbyterian Church partners with Love INC to provide holiday gifts for individuals in need. This year, E saw that while children were chosen quickly, a mom and dad were yet to be “adopted.” Recognizing that it is not just children who love to get presents, E wanted to put gifts under the tree for them, too. E went shopping with purpose for clothing items on their wish list. She bought things she felt would be both versatile and durable, casual and professional. While E did not get to meet the recipients, she was told that those in charge of the program were thrilled with her donations.

The Spirit of Gishmas

Continuing in her pursuit of spreading Christmas cheer, E turned to a friend, Amanda, that she met through the GISH community, who had recently fallen on hard times. Amanda was concerned that she could not provide a good Christmas for her two sons, and E wanted to help. Citing inspiration from our Co-Founder and Board President, Misha Collins, E sent Amanda’s sons all the gifts on their wish lists, and made sure Amanda had a gift as well. “I kept thinking of the story that Misha told a few years ago, about the woman who gave his mother $100 to buy Christmas presents for Misha and his brother,” E told us. “He said that this simple act meant so much to his family and described it as something that has inspired him to help others. This act, then, is precisely why Random Acts exists. I felt that this Act brought me closer to the roots of our organization, which was amazing and empowering.

If our tales of #RAHolidayKindness have inspired you, we would love to help you get involved! Please see our Sponsored Acts page to see how you can make your dreams of a kinder world a reality.