#RAHolidayKindness: Help After a Hurricane

The holiday season is over, but every day is a good day to celebrate acts of kindness! For this installment of #RAHolidayKindness, we are going back to December 2018, when Random Acts Regional Representative Misty Cash helped a family struggling to recover after Hurricane Michael upended their lives. The holiday season that follows a natural disaster can be tough, but when we reach out and help each other, that is when the holiday magic happens.

Holiday Shopping

After a long shopping trip

As a long time resident of Florida, Misty is no stranger to the work involved in hurricane recovery. After Hurricane Michael tore through Florida, she immediately got to work, lending a hand to her fellow Floridians. Thanks to our amazing donors, Random Acts was able to provide Misty with enough money to take a displaced family on a holiday shopping trip. This family was forced to relocate after the hurricane ripped the roof off their apartment complex, and they needed to completely start over in a different city. During the shopping excursion, the kids were able to pick out clothes and things for their new rooms. There was even money left over for Misty to take the family out to lunch. “I felt kind of selfish because I feel that I gained more from the experience than they did,” said Misty. “I was so blessed to have the opportunity to get to know them and learn from them.”

Feel Inspired? Get Involved!

The 2020 holiday season may be several months away, but that just means there is more time to plan your #RAHolidayKindness act! Check out our Sponsored Acts page and apply for funding! Want to brainstorm some ideas first? Connect with a Regional Representative in your area, and they can assist you!