#RAHolidayKindness: Sharing Festive Delicacies

We all have that one special food delicacy when it comes to the festive season. Perhaps, yours is of the seafood variety, or the sight of gingerbread instantly fills you with joy. No matter if it is shortbread shaped or as large as a turkey, the table is sometimes full of wonderful treats. Our next #RAHolidayKindness installment intersects with our #RANoHungryChild tour as Random Acts Southeast Regional Representative Alan Christian provides a family with a Christmas dinner who might have gone without otherwise.

Making Merry with Festive Delicacies

The holiday season can be one of hardship, which can cause the magic to dissolve quickly. What was once an exchange of laughter becomes noticing the lack thereof. Due to limited funds, a favorite dish may not make it to the table this time around.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Being involved with his local church, Alan decided it would not be the case for a struggling family. The family in mind had been struggling for a while. However, they quickly lost more of their footing as the head of the household experienced redundancy. With a sack full of turkey, corn, green beans, stuffing, and rolls, Alan’s arrival brought a rush of excitement from the children and tearful gratitude from the parents. Alan notes, “the mom of the children came out with tears and said she was so glad to have people like us in the world that would take time to do stuff for people in need.”

By Alan carving out a small slice of his time, he left an imprint on a family who soaked up new memories around their annual Christmas dinner. Is food an important holiday staple for you too? As we reflect on the holiday season, let us keep the leftovers merry as we continue to make the world kinder. If you have an idea, please reach out to us through our Sponsored Acts page as we would love to help!