#RAHolidayKindness: Christmas Gifts in Germany

Bea with her gifts!

Gift giving is a significant part of the holiday season in many cultures, but the gift itself is less important than the thought and care behind it. For this installment of #RAHolidayKindness, Random Acts Communications Specialist Bea Arbeiter teams up with a local radio station in Bavaria, Germany to bring holiday gifts and joy to families who had struggled throughout the year.

Christmas Gift Bags

Every year, a local radio station in Bea’s town collects donations of gifts, which they then wrap and distribute to people who cannot afford holiday presents. Bea, who participated the previous year, stepped up her efforts in 2019 by buying enough gifts to fill three bags. “All of the families that get the bags have had a hard year this year; they lost their homes, jobs, family members, or their whole existence, so giving them a happy Christmas made me incredibly happy,” Bea explained.

After thoughtfully picking out gifts and purchasing them with funds generously provided by our donors, Bea took them to the radio station to drop them off. She answered several questions from the people who worked there, and she was able to tell them all about Random Acts. The unicorn wall stickers that Bea picked out for one of the bags were a big hit at the station. The person from the radio station who handed out the bags later told Bea how happy all of the families were. “There actually were happy tears involved,” Bea said.

Bea drops off donations at a local radio station


Embrace the Spirit of Giving!

Now is the perfect time to start planning for the holiday season! For help with your #RAHolidayKindness act, head over to our Sponsored Acts page to apply for funding. Check out our other Kindness Stories to get inspired, and ask your local Regional Representative for assistance if you need it!