Passing On A Legacy Of Kindness

Washington resident and Random Acts supporter Jennifer Spieth doesn’t just spend her vacation time in relaxation mode — she puts herself to work to help those who need a little extra bit of kindness.

Back in November last year, Jennifer decided to make her upcoming holiday season mean something more. Rather than digging through cookbooks for a few special recipes or adding a few more twinkle lights to her holiday decor, she began drafting up a list to rival that of one particularly jolly man in a fluffy red suit (with the help of her adorable elves children as well).

“I wanted to let my kids help me assemble [some gifts] to take to our local grade school,” she wrote. “We want[ed] to give them to children who would otherwise not receive a Christmas gift.”

In order to ensure that the gifts went to the right recipients, Jennifer contacted school officials to request a list of children and teens from less fortunate households and with her allotted Random Acts funding, proceeded to pick up a variety of sweets, satchels, and toys, as well as a few cold weather purchases like hats, socks, and gloves. After wrapping the items in beautiful holiday paper, she packed them up and set out to deliver the parcels.

The school office was so excited to be able to help out some of the children in the area,” Jennifer wrote later. And the officials weren’t the only ones who were thrilled with the gesture — aside from the crowd of delighted students (opening what may have been their only gift of the season) were Jennifer’s own children, who were more than pleased with the show of love.

My children had a great time picking out the toys and gloves and hats for each of the children,” she said. “[The school gave us] a list of student ages and likes for our shopping trip — [my children] loved wrapping and delivering them to the school and were so excited to be part of it all.”

In giving to those who couldn’t ask for themselves, Jennifer did more than play Santa Claus this past holiday, she passed on an incredibly important legacy to her own family.

“I loved being able to show and help my children learn what it’s like to give and do more for others, even if we don’t know them,” wrote Jennifer. “I think it went really well.”

…We think so too, Jennifer.

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts. 

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