Operation Bunny Drop

Our Events staffers sometimes come across act submissions that are particularly heartwarming. And while no single act is greater than another, sometimes it’s nice to cuddle up with a sweet story about our furry friends.

“I’ve supported Zooh Corner, a rabbit rescue group, for several years now,” wrote supporter Michelle Calvo, of Benecia, California, in May of last year. “I send them money on a quarterly basis to help out with vet bills and other medical expenses, [but] right now, they are desperate for some supplies to make bunny toys.”

Unable to cover the hefty fees on her own, Michelle requested a small grant to purchase supplies to donate — and then surprised Zooh Corner by matching the grant with some of her own money. “We were able to purchase $150.00 in supplies [in the end],” she says. In addition to the donation, Michelle also sent a few bags of Oat Groats (the bunnies’ favorite treat).

Since our silly cousins, GISHWHES, were in the midst of their annual scavenger hunt, Michelle and her friends also went the extra mile by using the hunt as a fundraising opportunity for the sanctuary. In collaboration with item #1 (the largest hug-album the world had ever seen), the friends agreed to donate to Zooh Corner each time a photo of a hug was submitted. In the end, they were able to raise an additional $210.00 for the sanctuary’s vet bills.

So how did her bunny-rescue turn out?

“I’m happy to say that Operation Bunny Drop was a success,” wrote Michelle happily in her Final Act Submission form.

Here at Random Acts, we’re always eager to lend a hand to those in need… and it doesn’t hurt that those in need are cute and fluffy. Keep up the wonderful work, Michelle!

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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