New Tech For A Kind Student

Back in May of this year, Random Acts staffers Jennifer, Annie, and Melanie attended DePaul University’s Celebration of ‘Supernatural’ academic conference in Chicago, Illinois, where with the help of a few kind friends, they delivered new tech to one particularly hardworking student.

“Jess Glass has been remarkable as a graduate assistant, and everything [at this weekend’s conference] was her work,” wrote associate professor of Media and Cinema Studies and conference organizer Paul Booth, in an email to Random Acts this spring. “Jess’ level of professionalism at last year’s conference prompted a number of guests and speakers to message me privately and tell me what a joy it was to have her around. … She deserves so much credit for her hard work.”

With that in mind, conference keynote speaker and Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson generously allowed the Random Acts staffers to crash his guest panel and deliver a new laptop and accessories to Jess, who was taken by completely taken by surprise:


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