New Beds for a New Home

Uprooting your life at any point is difficult, but doing so during a global pandemic is a whole other kind of challenge. But sometimes, with a little help from our friends, we can get through even the most stressful transitions. Random Acts supporter Janet Sahni wanted to help a friend in need, and with funding from Random Acts, she was able to provide her friend Chandra a fresh start.

A Fresh Start

Janet and Chandra have been friends for a long time. “Chandra herself has been a huge inspiration for me over the years. I’ve watched her put herself through nursing school and raise her two children while working part-time,” Janet explained. When Chandra’s marriage began to deteriorate, Janet was there as a shoulder to lean on. Once Chandra made the decision to end her marriage, she had to start over with her daughters in a new, sparsely furnished apartment.

Chandra is a healthcare worker, whose job suddenly became more complicated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, adding to her stress. To help make the transition smoother, Janet reached out to Random Acts for funding to buy Chandra new mattresses and a new bed for her six-year-old daughter. Shopping for the bed and mattresses turned into an adventure of its own because the COVID-19 pandemic had just begun to change how people gathered in public places. “Chandra and the girls and I all shopped together,” and once the trip was done, “we all washed our hands!” Janet said. They were able to get the mattresses and bed they were looking for, and Chandra’s daughter Remy was thrilled with her new bed.

Remy lounging on her new bed!

Despite the difficult circumstances, Janet was happy to help Chandra get settled in her new space. “Watching her navigate through the crisis was stressful, but knowing that we were able to help her ease this transition was so gratifying. This purchase helped her to turn an empty apartment into a comfortable new home,” Janet said.

Help a Friend

If you were inspired by Janet and have a friend in need, Random Acts wants to help! Check out our Sponsored Acts page and apply for funding. You can also donate to the Random Acts Support Program (COVID-19) to help healthcare workers like Chandra and other essential workers in the midst of the pandemic.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind!