Mending Lives in Brazil

Here at Random Acts, our main mission, aside from encouraging and providing funding for your kindness projects, is to change the world one small act at a time. Earlier this year, with the help of one dedicated supporter, we were able to do just that.

In June, Claudia Mendes of Brazil wrote an urgent letter to Random Acts, explaining that a crisis had arisen in her community — a family in Curitiba had just lost everything they owned in a house fire, she wrote, leaving them in dire straits.

“Terezinha de Jesus e Souza has been raising three of her grandchildren since their mother passed away last year. The kids are 8, 14, and 17 years old. Last Sunday, their house burned to the ground during World Cup celebrations.” Authorities believed that fireworks shot by their neighbors triggered the blaze.

“I was in the living room with my younger granddaughter when the fire started,” Terezinha told a local radio station. Even more upsetting than losing their home, she admitted, was the loss of their livelihood: as a seamstress, Terezinha spent her days mending and constructing swathes of material at the helm of her sewing machine “We lost everything,” she mourned. “My sewing machine, which was my work tool, was destroyed.”

While the community banded together quickly after the incident to supply much needed food, clothing, and furniture, and to rebuild the home, Terezinha still had no way of maintaining a stable income with which to provide for her grandchildren.

Realizing her distress, Claudia decided to act. After filling out an Act Proposal form and receiving requested funds from Random Acts, Claudia was able to purchase a brand new Singer sewing machine and met with Terezinha to surprise her.

“She was overwhelmed,” Claudia enthused. “She thanked [everyone involved] and said it was invaluable to sustaining their family — she can finally start working again.”

With Claudia’s help, Terezinha and her grandchildren have been able to start fresh in their new home, proving that even small random acts of kindness can effect great change — and here at Random Acts, we couldn’t be prouder.

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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