Kind Acts for Displaced Families

Back in September, Random Acts supporter Katie Bakker reached out to Random Acts to request funding for a project she had been brainstorming.

I have 2 co-workers who are going through some very hard times,” she wrote in her Act Proposal. “One is homeless, living in a tent with 5 kids. The other recently went though a nasty divorce that left her with no electricity in her house and no money to pay the couple’s bills.” Wanting to help in any way possible, Katie requested funds to provide the families with food, clothing, shoes, and other basic necessities. In addition, she was able to purchase a tarp for the displaced family’s tent.

So how did her project turn out?

“It went so well. One of the boys was so happy when he saw his new clothes he cried,” she said. “The tarp I provided for the family was a godsend — my co-worker contacted me that night telling me it had poured outside and that their tent would have flooded without it. And the other family I helped was able to pay off their electric bill from the money they saved by not having to buy dog food, work clothes, or groceries.”

As if that weren’t enough, Katie proved to be an amazing example to her community as well, recruiting her neighbor’s granddaughter to help do the shopping and drop off the items to the families.

“It’s always good to show kids how to help others while they’re still young,” she wrote.


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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