Holly’s Caring Hands in Brooklyn Park, MN

Regional Representative Holly Olsen joined forces on April 14 with Annette Houston of Ms. Houston’s Caring Hands to put together resources for 15 families who were struggling due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders.

“Annette works with 15 families, all of whom are young mothers working to stop the cycle of abuse in their families,” said Holly. “They do not want to abuse their own children the way they were abused as children.”

Helping Hands

“Annette reached out to me, as a regional rep, last winter,” said Holly. “In my experience, a lot of people are inclined to give up on young mothers, assuming they have made their choice, or their own mistakes, so whatever happens, happens. Not Annette. She is committed to helping her young mothers form strong and healthy families.”

Holly and Annette gave the families $10 gift cards to Cub Foods, $10 gift cards to Target, and $10 gift cards to Wal-Mart, for a grand total of $150. Holly and her family also decided to add on their own offering: two packs of diapers per family.

“No one should have to choose between diapering their baby and eating,” she said.

Safe Hands

Annette’s kindness and dedication to the families in her care really impressed Holly.

“I really enjoyed meeting Annette,” Holly said. “I love her focus on helping young single mothers; her passion for her work is evident.”

Due to COVID-19, people changed how they reach out and receive resources needed to support their families. With children unable to continue their routines and education, it is even more important to provide aid where possible.

“Feeling safe at home is one of the first and most vital things all children need,” Holly said. “Without that piece in place, it will be difficult for them to succeed in any other area of their life.”

Frankly, Holly herself says it best: “Thanks to the gift cards and diapers, the mothers in Annette’s program will have a little less to worry about during this difficult time.”

If you would like to use your caring hands, contact your Random Acts local regional representative to find out how you can contribute locally.

If you know of any other organizations doing good things for your community, please nominate them as part of the Random Acts Support Program for COVID-19 relief.

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