#HolidayKindness: Part 1

#HolidayKindness logo

Back in December 2017, we told you how Random Acts staffers around the world were planning acts of #HolidayKindness, thanks to funding provided by our amazing supporters.

Now all the acts are complete and we’re excited to be able to share the results in the first of a series of #HolidayKindness updates.

Here are just some of the projects made possible by your generosity:


Donations for families fleeing domestic violence

Inventory Manager & HR Officer Stephanie Huffman teamed up with LSS CHOICES, a non-profit based in Columbus, OH.

Donations for LSS CHOICES

According to their official website, “Since 1977, LSS CHOICES has provided counseling, shelter, crisis intervention, education, and community and legal support and advocacy to central Ohio residents facing domestic violence.”

Random Acts funding allowed Stephanie to purchase items from the LSS CHOICES holiday wishlist, including bed linen and towels, winter coats, pajamas and toys, which she personally delivered to the shelter.


Festive treats for hard-working hospital staff

gifts for the NKI Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

Staff Writer Lauren Mannion had heard all about the amazing staff of the Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, from a friend who was receiving treatment there.

Based in Amsterdam, the NKI “is the only dedicated cancer center in The Netherlands and maintains an important role as a national and international center of scientific and clinical expertise.”

Lauren used Random Acts #HolidayKindness funding to fill a basket with festive sweets, healthy high-energy snacks, and handwritten kindness cards for those working through the holidays. She managed to deliver the gifts in person to the staff who treated her friend.


Christmas decorations for a homeless shelter

Being away on vacation didn’t stop IT Manager Juliana Su from carrying out an act of #HolidayKindness in Bethesda, MD. She recruited the help of two of her friends, who purchased a live tree and decorations for the client drop-in lobby of Bethesda Cares. This organization aims to “to prevent, ease and end homelessness” in the local area, and is an invaluable source of support for homeless people in Bethesda.

Juliana’s friends were able to set up and decorate the tree as a surprise while the clients of Bethesda Cares were busy eating lunch. According to staff at the shelter, their clients “were thrilled when they came back from lunch to find visual proof that they matter.”


Sponsoring an elderly rescue pug

Animal-loving Executive Assistant Sara Carothers knew just what to do with her Random Acts #HolidayKindness funding. She teamed up with PROS Pug Rescue of Sacramento, a California-based non-profit that rescues over 100 unwanted pugs every year.

Roscoe the pug

According to their official website, PROS “takes in Pugs and Pug mixes from across Northern California that have been abandoned at pounds or shelters, found as strays or turned in by their owners […] The pugs are fostered in the private homes of our volunteers and then placed in loving, pre-screened adoptive homes.”

Thanks to our generous supporters, Sara was able to sponsor an elderly pug called Roscoe for a whole year. This funding will ensure Roscoe is healthy, happy and well-fed in his foster home.


Helping a local family celebrate Chanukah

Chanukah giftsGraphic Designer Allie Nicholas wanted to make sure those celebrating Chanukah in her city weren’t left out of the #HolidayKindness spirit. She joined forces with a synagogue in Bakersfield, CA to provide wishlist items for a single-parent family in need of some support.

Thanks to Random Acts funding, Allie was able to purchase gift cards for the family to enjoy, as well as games, books, and art supplies to suit the three teenagers’ interests. She was also lucky enough to meet up with them and deliver their gifts in person.


Bringing Christmas cheer to the community

Christmas gifts for Northern Irish familiesAssistant Regional Representative Emma Beatie connected with two single-parent families in Northern Ireland, to provide them with the #HolidayKindness they deserved. Both families were facing challenging circumstances and were in need of a helping hand to make this Christmas a special one.

Emma used Random Acts funding to purchase gifts that the families had requested, which included everything from children’s toys and books to a set of professional knives for an aspiring young chef.

She also set aside some of the funding to provide a small gift for each attendee of a free Christmas dinner held in her local community.


Random Acts staffers carried out so many #HolidayKindness acts that they won’t all fit in one post, so stay tuned to our Kindness Stories to see more updates in the coming weeks!

Got an idea for your own awesome act of kindness? Random Acts can help provide inspiration or even funding to get your act off the ground!