Holiday Kindness: It’s in the Bag!

Natalie and her handbags!

All across the world, we see people and organizations getting really creative when it comes to getting kind. Here at Random Acts, we are fortunate to have a wide network of staff that can show us how folks are finding the neatest ways to help one another out. This #RAHolidayKindess blog will focus on one such organization in Australia that found a unique way to help.

Bag It Up!

Like many great non-profit organizations, Share The Dignity started off trying to solve a simple (but big) problem. They set out to supply monthly access to sanitary napkins to people experiencing homelessness. Even as their efforts have expanded, this remains a huge push for the organization, and they supply these products to shelters, charities, and free distribution boxes in public bathrooms.

Every December, Share the Dignity organizes a drive called #itsinthebag. People can donate gently used handbags that they have stuffed with many essential needs, such as deodorant, shampoo, and soap. PR Officer Natalie Fisher heard of this drive and wanted to help. She got 12 of her family and friends to donate purses and handbags and, using Random Acts’ funds, was able to fill each bag with these essentials. Among other items, she made sure to include sunscreen, as the holiday season in Australia often brings harsh summer sun.

Once the bags were filled (with an included holiday card!), they were given back to Share the Dignity. These bags are distributed to at-risk women and women experiencing homelessness through the various shelters they partner with. All with the hope that these women will have something for themselves this holiday season.

Organizations like Share the Dignity are fighting every day to make the world a better place. Through our stories, we hope you are inspired to find a local organization that may need your help. Thank you for your continued support!