Hamilton Community Garden

When we decided upon the #GetKind theme “Community” earlier this year, we hoped you would answer the call. And you did brilliantly. In the span of a few weeks, we accumulated a wealth of photos, videos and quotes related to the theme.

For one such act, participant Jessica Harding and her fellow volunteers at the Hamilton Community Garden in Hamilton, New Zealand, chose to brighten their community by planting a garden where families who could not afford the cost of fresh produce would be able to pick their own fruits and vegetables, free of charge. After approaching Random Acts, Jessica and her team were able to use their allocated funds to purchase new seed and gardening tools and got to work.

The group spent the day sowing the community field and utilized recycled timber to create planters (hand built by team member Justin) for families who didn’t already have home-gardens to continue growing food on their own.

“We got some of the families [in the area] to come along with our group [later in the week] to learn more about the plants and how to take care of them,” said Jessica. “We are also setting a weekly planning day to put together potted plants and to separate [growing] plants into put in bigger containers to send with the families when they leave. We have helped a lot of them by feeding the world one seed at a time.”

In a wonderful turn of events, the group reports that, since their initial efforts, many of the families who were gifted with their own home garden have begun sharing produce with other families who needed the help. Over 100 community members have also contacted the group, eager to become involved with the ongoing project, which now meets weekly to spend the entire day gardening. Local council members have been discussing the possibility of setting aside land for a community orchard as well. “A lot of work has [already] been done,” says Jessica. “I see this group going a long way.”

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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