Halloween Art Activity for Pediatric Patients

Having a child undergo cancer treatment is a hard and challenging time for the family. With this in mind, Peter Lee put together a Halloween Art Activity to create a space for these families to come together for a fun-filled morning of arts and crafts.

Bringing Families Together

According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, every 3 minutes, a family hears the mortifying news that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. To create a safe space for families with children undergoing cancer treatment to come together, Random Acts supporter Peter Lee organized an art therapy project. The thought behind Peter’s act of kindness was to engage families in activities that allow them to escape the day-to-day hospital setting. In the run-up to Halloween, Peter rallied his co-workers and hosted 20 families, with a total of 60 individuals. Together, they spent a creative and fun-packed morning.

Spreading Halloween Cheer

Both children and their parents had different art and craft projects to choose from. The selection of projects included foam monsters, comfort critters, wooden door hangers, and picture frames. The families gave their creative side free reign, but Peter and his “Kindness Squad” were always ready to help.

Channeling the spirit of Halloween, Peter and his team also provided candy, donuts, and refreshments. The donut stand was a big hit with the children who loved picking their favorite baked goods. After three hours of creative bustle, the families left with their finished art projects and some new and happy memories.

Giving and Growing

“Giving back is very important to me. Having the opportunity to organize my co-workers and going through the planning process and execution phase of my random act allowed me to grow and learn new skills as well,” explained Peter.

Do you have an idea for your own random act of kindness? Visit our Sponsored Acts page. Or get in touch with a Regional Representative for guidance.