Giving to Neighbors in Need

Justina Castle, of Graham, Washington, wanted to lend a hand to a few of the less fortunate families in her neighborhood after hearing about them through a local military FRG (Family Readiness Group). After approaching Random Acts for funding, she was able to purchase baskets full of food, as well as gifts for each of the children.

“I found a bunch of families that needed help for many different reasons,” she wrote. “I had a couple setbacks… but one lady I helped out, I will never forget: when I gave her children their toys and the food for Christmas dinner, she started crying. It truly made my day being able to help her.”

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

At Random Acts, our goal is to fund YOUR amazing acts of kindness, big or small. Send an Act Proposal form our way and see if you qualify for financial assistance. We can’t wait to hear your plans!