Gift for a Giver

When we receive inquiries about sponsoring an act of kindness, those requests are often for showing kindness to someone who gives of themselves to help others. We love spreading kindness, but it gives us a special kind of joy to help reinvigorate a fellow kindness warrior.

Meet David

David is nearly 60 years old, and works three jobs to provide for his children. He is also managing his recovery from various forms of drug addiction which began in his childhood. David has gone through a lot in his life, including stretches of homelessness. Because he remembered what that was like, he recently gave his bike to a man who has even less than he does. The bike was falling apart, but it was the only thing that David could afford–and it had been his own means of transportation to and from work.

We were introduced to David by Deidre Slingerland who also assisted David in getting to a local bike shop to try and replace his bike. With funding from Random Acts, David now has a high-quality new bike that will enable him to get to his jobs without putting excessive strain on his back and legs. We’re thankful for David and his giving spirit–a true kindness warrior, indeed!

Do you know someone in your community who could benefit from a random act of kindness? Let us know! Learn more about our Sponsored Acts and tell us how you’d like to get kind!