Germany to America: Helping from a Distance

A lot of us are familiar with this feeling: The day has been exhausting, and all we want to do is to sit down at the dinner table and enjoy a savory meal. But not every person has these luxuries. When Random Acts Destinations Manager Rea Niessen learned of a Texan family experiencing food insecurity, she knew she needed to help.

A Friend In Need

Recently, Rea got contacted by a good friend who also lives in Germany. She told Rea the story of a friend of hers, Melissa, who is in urgent need of support. Melissa and her family live in San Antonio, Texas, and are struggling financially. This makes buying food for the family very challenging. Rea instantly decided to help and started thinking of the best and fastest way to do it.

photo of a market booth- eGift Cards for buying groceriesFood Insecurity

Melissa is not the only person who experiences food insecurity in the United States. According to Forbes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that in 2018, around 11% of U.S. households were food insecure and without reliable access to quality food at some point.

In April 2020, the percentage of households presumed food insecure was estimated between 22-38%. Based on these percentages, the number of households lacking the resources for a stable food supply has increased in recent months. This would make the current rates of food insecurity higher than at any point since data collection began.

The Solution: An eGift Card

Since Rea lives in Germany, the fastest way to help Melissa was to purchase an eGift Card. An eGift Card can be used in local grocery stores as well as online, which would make it easy for Melissa and her family to buy groceries. Rea sent the gift card via email, hoping it would bring Melissa and her family some much-needed support.

Melissa’s Reaction

Not long after Rea sent the email, her friend from Germany got in touch with her. Melissa received Rea’s email with the eGift Card and immediately told her friends what Rea did for her and her family. Melissa could not believe that somebody so far away cared so much. She was glad her friends got the word out to Rea, and that Rea found a way to help.

Happy to Help

Rea was glad to hear the story of how elated Melissa had reacted to her gift and was happy that she could help Melissa and her family through a difficult time. The feeling of having an impact on another person’s life is what makes acts like this special to Rea. Even when at a distance, you can always make a difference in someone’s life.

Do you have an idea of how to help someone in need? Get in touch with your Regional Representative for more information, and check out our Sponsored Acts page to apply for funding.