Fun and Games for a School in British Columbia

Any teacher can tell you that education is about more than just what happens in the classroom. Playing games and having experiences outside of the classroom is extremely important, particularly for students with unique learning needs. With that in mind, Random Acts Regional Representatives Darsey Meredith and Rowan Meredith from the Canada West region set out to provide fun and educational opportunities for the students at the Horizons Program at Horizons Alternate Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada.

Fun, Games, and Adventure!

Horizons Alternate Secondary School is a small school for students who have struggled in mainstream education. The goal is to foster an inclusive, welcoming environment in which students can feel engaged with the learning process. After speaking with some teachers at the school, Darsey and Rowan decided that the best way to support the students was to purchase outdoor games and board games. Thankfully, they knew just the place to find exactly what they were looking for! They reached out to Dave’s Pop Culture, a local games and comic book store that Rowan had previously worked with, spreading kindness to an Indigenous organization during the 2018 holiday season. Using funds generously provided by our amazing donors, Darsey and Rowan were able to purchase several games from Dave’s Pop Culture. They also purchased outdoor games to be used in the students’ gym classes. Darsey went to the school to deliver the games and teach the students how to play them.

Regional Representatives Rowan (left) and Darsey (right) pose with their donation of outdoor games

But the fun did not stop there! In addition to the games, Darsey and Rowan were able to coordinate with the school to purchase tickets for the students to visit the Vancouver Aquarium. “One of the teens actually volunteers there as a tour guide sometimes, so they were able to give the class a full tour with lots of information. The teachers and students were particularly happy that we were able to make this trip work before some of the students transitioned out of the Horizons program in January,” Darsey said.

The kids at the school were excited to learn about our Class Act program, which is always open for anyone looking to apply. Student groups can continue the cycle of kindness by doing kind acts in their local communities. The Horizons students, for instance, brought hot chocolate and snacks to a seniors’ center near them!

Think Outside of the Box

Schools everywhere are in need of a little kindness. Want to help? Get in touch with your local school, and apply for funding on our Sponsored Acts page. If you are having trouble thinking of a way to carry out an act of kindness, reach out to the Regional Representative in your area for help.