Friends of Random Acts Make Magic in NYC

From unicorn wands to slimy potions, kids at Camp Win had a magical time this summer with the New York City-based Friends of Random Acts group. Friends of Random Acts is a concentration of Random Acts supporters who gather in the NYC area to carry out Random Acts’ mission of spreading kindness throughout the city.

Camp Win is a summer camp affiliated with Win (Women in Need), a shelter provider for women and children. For more than 33 years, Win has provided safe housing, critical services, and groundbreaking programs to help homeless women and their children rebuild their lives. Camp Win partners with a variety of different organizations and volunteer groups to create enriching experiences for kids throughout the year when school is not in session. Our Friends of Random Acts stepped in to make some magic with Camp Win kids!


girl with wand

“My wand looks like a unicorn!”

Between two locations, volunteers spent time with 50-60 kids, playing games and making crafts. Since the theme of the camp was Harry Potter Day, activities included wand-making, making slime, paper plate owls, house tie decorating, word searches, puzzles, coloring, and even a small-scale version of Quidditch! They decorated the spaces to reflect the Harry Potter theme, and provided small goodie bags for the kids to decorate and store their crafts. (Rumor has it there were also candy and small prizes in those bags, sshhh!)

It makes us so happy to see what the Friends of Random Acts group is doing to make the world a little kinder and a little more magical. If you’re in the NYC area and would like to help with a Friends of Random Acts project, you can connect with them on Twitter. Carry on, friends!