Extra Mile Given to Bus Driver

April and her basket!

Life moves so quickly; often the faces we pass fade into the background. They blend into the landscape so much that they are taken for granted. Even their actions become so commonplace that we miss them if we are not paying attention.

But James, a bus driver in Seattle, Washington, was seen performing amazing random acts of kindness regularly. His work was recognized in July, with a gift basket from Outreach Coordinator April Vian. Items included in the basket were: a travel coffee mug, a bag of coffee, cloth face masks, chips, cookies, crackers, granola bars, and a pizza kit.

“Every time James has been our driver he has greeted every passenger, helped passengers with directions, assisted people in boarding or exiting the bus, and patiently calmed a passenger that had become upset,” she explained.

“I think it is important to recognize kindness when it’s observed and to express gratitude for it, particularly right now.”

Responding with Kindness

So important, in fact, that April took it a step further and gave the driver his gift while he was driving his route and in front of his other passengers.

“Due to social distancing measures, the front of the bus was inaccessible,” she said. “So to maintain safety, the gift basket was placed on a seat toward the front of the bus. James seemed surprised and appreciative. Some of the regular passengers thanked him as well.”

April said that this bus driver always goes the extra mile and makes sure that everyone is treated like the human they are. “He goes above and beyond, especially for passengers that are elderly, disabled, and/or homeless, even if it means parking the bus to help them and delaying the route,” she said.

April is happy she was able to honor James for his kindness.

“The driver was very surprised and grateful; he thanked us several times,” April said. “I feel fortunate to be able to brighten someone’s day like that.”

Find Inspiration

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