Emergency Supplies for Puerto Rico

In January 2020, Puerto Rico was rocked by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake, causing widespread destruction on an island still recovering from Hurricane Maria. Thousands of people lost power and access to clean water, and many homes were damaged. The infrastructure in Puerto Rico was further pushed to the brink after a series of smaller earthquakes in February. Random Acts Regional Representative Emily Rivera-Jackson from the US – South East region decided to do her part by purchasing emergency supplies for those affected by the earthquakes.

Hope, Comfort, and Light

Emily teamed up with Sonia, a woman who had organized fundraisers and supply drives for Puerto Rico before. She is the president and founder of the nonprofit Tainas Guerreras, which provides emergency funds and supplies to Puerto Rico. Sonia was able to distribute emergency supplies in Puerto Rico herself. This direct assistance is not only important for making sure the right supplies get to those in the most need quickly. It also creates connections between people and brings comfort to those who are facing incredibly difficult circumstances.

Sonia standing in front of boxes of donations

Emily, using funds donated by our amazing supporters, purchased several items, including blankets, tarps, lanterns, tents, and mosquito nets. These supplies are essential for people without electricity, especially if they cannot return to their homes due to the damage done by the earthquakes. Despite some shipping delays, the supplies made it successfully to Puerto Rico and were distributed by Sonia to those in need.

A box full of flashlights and lanterns, ready to go to Puerto Rico!

Fill the World with Kindness

Were you inspired by Emily’s act of kindness for Puerto Rico? Get out there and spread some kindness! Look for opportunities to ease a burden or help in an emergency. Check out our Sponsored Acts page to see if your act of kindness qualifies for funding! Would you like some guidance or advice? Ask your local Regional Representative for help!