“Dropping Inn” To Run AMOK

No doubt, some acts of kindness register as behemoths on the event-scale — and purchasing refrigerators, building homes, reuniting a mother with her children, these are all incredible and welcome accomplishments.

But just because you don’t have the time or ability to hike Everest doesn’t mean your act is any less important or meaningful. That’s why Random Acts has established several programs and events throughout the year to enable those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to get out and #GetKind.

Back in February, one of our dedicated supporters, Rachel Gilbert, wrote to us about her upcoming AMOK plans. AMOK, or the Annual Melee of Kindness, is a one-weekend event where our followers are challenged to perform random acts of kindness for an entire day. For Rachel, that meant reaching out to a hardworking organization in her community to lend whatever support she could.

The Drop Inn Center, located near Washington Park in southwestern Ohio, offers the essentials (“housing, help, hope”) to those experiencing homelessness and “provide[s] a refuge of unconditional care and compassionate assistance for both men and women … to encourage and empower those without resources to move from homelessness and destitution to shelter and stability”, as they explain on their website. After recognizing their unabated ability to provide for others with a small band of staffers, Rachel decided it was time to act.

“I [wanted to] volunteer both time and supplies to the local Drop Inn Center, a wonderful homeless shelter in Cincinnati, Ohio, [and] spend the day assisting with miscellaneous tasks, such as answering phones, surveying residents, entertaining, sorting donations, and whatever other tasks were available to perform,” said Rachel, who also requested Random Acts funding to purchase her own supplies to donate.

After being approved in March and receiving her funding, Rachel visited the local market to pick up as many supplies from the center’s wishlist as she could, including necessities such as canned goods, coffee, towels, laundry supplies, kitchen items and feminine and toiletry items. Gathering her items and prepped for the day’s activities, she headed out to meet up with the center’s staff for a full AMOK weekend.

“The shelter is always busy and understaffed,” wrote Rachel later, after spending the day laundering clothes, sorting donations, and preparing and serving meals in the center’s kitchen. Determined to make her AMOK activities a habit, she even signed up at the end of the evening for additional volunteer days. “It went quite well,” she added.

With her dedicated service, Rachel proved to those around her that kindness doesn’t take weeks of professional training, thousands of dollars, or even much more than the little voice in the back of all our minds that tells us we can be better — sometimes, all it takes is the courage to get out and run AMOK.


This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts. 

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