Delivering Thanks to Postal Workers

The COVID-19 Lockdown brought our homes to the focal point of our day-to-day lives. With most of our existence confined within four walls and with local shops being closed, many people resorted to online shopping. To show her appreciation for delivery and mail people, Random Acts Copy Editor Cassie Comeau decided to provide these essential workers with items that they may need while doing their job.

An Important Job

While many non-essential workers shifted to working at home, delivery people, mail people, and various other essential workers were still out on the streets doing their jobs. Cassie decided to show her gratitude to delivery and mail people by making their working lives a bit more comfortable.

A Popular Business

Cassie’s idea to help comes at a critical time because a survey revealed that 37 percent of respondents in the United States had used contactless delivery more than usual in May 2020. Another survey in the United Kingdom disclosed that the growth rate for home and leisure retail went up by 200 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. This shows that online retail became more prevalent, resulting in more work for postal workers.

Finding the Right Items

Together with her friends, Cassie brainstormed which items may be needed by mail and delivery people. In the end, they narrowed it down to tissues, lip balm, hand lotion, and the hot-commodity hand sanitizer. Unsurprisingly, this holy grail of traveling cleanliness was sold out everywhere. But luckily, Cassie managed to find single-use packets of sanitizer online and immediately purchased them.

Assembling the Basket

Cassie arranged her items in a basket on her front porch underneath the mailbox. Additionally, she hung up a sign welcoming people to take what they needed. Cassie observed the items finding new owners and refilled the basket when necessary. She was happy to see that her items, especially the lip balm and tissues, were a big hit. She was also glad to be able to provide mail and delivery people with necessities while showing gratitude to essential workers.

Do you have an idea on how to support someone during the COVID-19 pandemic? Nominate your local COVID-19 relief organization for our Random Acts Support Program. Or head over to our COVID-19 Support Network for more resources.