Crafting Coziness: Caring for Pets at the Woodbury Humane Society

One of our favorite ways to spread kindness is by taking care of animals. Pets can bring so much comfort and happiness to a home, so our hearts go out to pets who don’t yet have a home of their own. Last fall, a group of students from River Falls, Wisconsin got together and had a kindness crafting party for shelter pets at the Animal Humane Society of Woodbury, Minnesota.

students crafting toys and cozies for shelter pets

While the goal of any animal shelter is to get animals adopted into loving families, those animals are in need of care while at the shelter. And just like people, animals need more than just the necessities of food, water, and shelter. They need companionship, and just as importantly, the opportunity to play! So Random Acts supporter Amy Riddle-Swanson gathered a bunch of students together, grabbed piles of fleece and other craft supplies, and got to work.

student playing with a kitten at the Woodbury Animal Humane SocietySome of the toys and comfort items the students made included comfy pillows, cozy blankets, and fun snuffle mats for play. A few days after the crafting madness, the items were safely delivered to the Humane Society to be enjoyed by the cats and dogs in their care. Everybody in attendance enjoyed a few cuddles, too.

Projects like these are especially great because they benefit both the givers and the receivers so much. The animals, of course, benefit from new toys and cozies. And the crafters get the satisfaction of exploring their creative side. Making things with your hands also improves your mood, relieves stress, and even strengthens your brain! Everybody wins!

students craftung fleece snuffle mats for shelter petsWe highly encourage you to give crafting a try if you haven’t already. The Woodbury Humane Society even has ideas and tutorials on their website if you’d like to craft something cozy for an animal friend near you. Not sure where to find your local animal shelter? Start your search here!

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