COVID-19: Finding the Helpers

In a time full of uncertainty and frustration, those who are willing to reach out and help others provide stability and calm. These acts of kindness are needed now more than ever to uplift those around us and to encourage the more hesitant to take joyful action. Misty Cash,  Random Acts Regional Representative for the US – South East region, took her inspiration from the numerous personal stories she saw shared in the news.

Looking Locally

Misty lives in a college town fueled by many working in the service industry. Seeing the devastating impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had on the service industry, Misty felt called to help. She checked her local message groups and connected with a single mother who had recently lost her job. Misty offered to take her grocery shopping. They chatted for a few days over text messages where the woman expressed surprise that Misty would make such a kind gesture. Misty offered many reassurances that her act came free of charge or caveat. “I just wanted to reach out and hug her,” said Misty. “I wanted her to really know that kindness isn’t an act that asks for anything in return.”

A welcome grocery trip!

Groceries on the Horizon

Misty met up with the woman and her daughter at Costco. The daughter was able to pick out snacks she knew she would enjoy during her breaks from school work. Having a jumbo box of fruit snacks to enjoy during quarantine can help brighten the day!

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