Cover from the Cold

As we find cover during this year’s chillier months, there are still some who are looking for momentary shelter from the rain. Their relief comes from the simplicity of a shared umbrella or charities such as St Paul’s Homeless Hostel.

Taking Cover Through St Paul

Image courtesy of RARepUKSouth’s Twitter.

Since its inception in March of 1977, the hostel operates under the same simplicity of covering others. It has been a reliable answer to those seeking to spend their nights in Worcester, whose other options were to spend the night in the open under brutal conditions whether visible or unseen. Initially, its opening hours were 8.00 pm to 8.00 am. Those twelve hours was an escape. There were mattresses lined up on the floor for those to sleep. When they needed a hot meal, volunteers were at the ready to cook soup over an open fire. Nowadays, the hostel accommodates 46 people experiencing homelessness. They do not need to seek elsewhere as it is accessible for the full twenty-four hours. Additionally, there is another hostel located on Bromyard Road, which is a place meant for rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse.

Sparking Conversation

Image courtesy of RARepUKSouth’s Twitter.

Random Acts Regional Representative Jade Wardle decided to sprinkle some kindness over St Paul’s Homeless Hostel by donating various items from your continued generosity through Endure4Kindness. These items include food for both the human and the dog variety, towels, items of clothes and shoes, stationery for letters, and toiletries.  It was the most significant donation they had in some time. This sparked a conversation between B Change Makers and Random Acts, which builds on boundless inspiration and encourages others to be the said change-makers in the world. They thanked both Jade and those who donated, all of you.

In a card which Jade also received from a donator is the message, “We can only join in because someone starts it.” While there is a hint of truth in that statement, perhaps this act has inspired you to be the one who starts a chain reaction.

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