Class Act Runner Up: Arbor View High School

In an amazing act of kindness, Las Vegas Nevada’s Arbor View High School’s student body president decided to shave his head — but it wasn’t any ordinary haircut. And it could only be performed after the school managed to raise $24,000 for charity. That was the stipulation.

Of course, the students more than rose to the occasion — so 17-year-old Harrison Kelly got out the clippers.

Student Noel Dover, student body president Harrison, and Principal Kevin McPartlin, along with Arbor View students, took it upon themselves this year to fundraise for one very special cause: to bring water to thirsty families and individuals in Africa through the global charity Thirst Project. According to the nonprofit’s website, the task of collecting heavy cans of water often falls “on women and children between the ages of eight and 13”, leaving them unable to hold a job or attend school. By digging wells, implementing filter systems, and responding to natural disasters, the nonprofit keeps the community focused on what really counts, rather than leaving them to dedicate the entire day to finding suitable drinking water.

Through a series of exciting fundraising events, the students at Arbor View High School led by Noel, Harrison, and Principal McPartlin, were able to meet their initial goal of $24,000 easily.

We’ve done fundraisers where you threw pies at teachers and carried jerry cans (the water containers they use in Africa) around school,” wrote Tiffany Whitlock, who submitted the project to the Class Act program in April. “As an extra motivator … our principal [said he would] shave his head too.”

For all their kindhearted antics and their ability to raise such a large sum for such an amazing nonprofit, Random Acts is happy to announce Arbor View High School as one of our official Class Act 2015 runners-up. Congratulations!

(Image: YouTube)

Don’t forget: if you missed it this time around, you have plenty of time to submit your Class Act proposal for next year. We look forward to seeing what you do!