Butterfly Bomb Gives Hope To Community

Social media can be a great way to connect with others who live across the globe or just across town. Jennifer Francis was browsing her community’s Facebook page when kindness inspiration struck. Someone had posted about a butterfly ornament being stolen from a family member’s grave. After seeing the post, Jennifer wanted to “absolutely cover the site with butterflies.” She turned to Random Acts for help with this “butterfly bomb” for kindness.

Grave with butterfly lawn ornamentsThanks to generous donations from our supporters, Random Acts was able to step in and provide funding for Jennifer’s plan. Jennifer shopped around for different types of butterfly garden ornaments to brighten the grave. In addition to the butterflies, she left a card and a bouquet of flowers at the grave site. In her card, Jennifer wrote that she wanted to show the family, especially the kids, that “even though there are a few ‘bad eggs’ in the world, there are many more who are caring.” She also let the family know that the butterflies were theirs to keep and use however they see fit.

Card left with butterfly lawn ornaments and flowersThe butterfly bomb certainly succeeded in reminding the family that there are caring people in the world. Jennifer noted that “the act of kindness really resonated with the community.” When the deceased’s aunt posted pictures on social media of the new butterflies at the grave, there were several comments from people who were happy to see the beautiful butterfly bomb. One person even said that learning about the act of kindness restored their faith in humanity.

It looks like the butterfly bomb may create a ripple effect in this community. Kindness inspires kindness, and this butterfly bomb brought smiles to many faces. By taking the time to leave butterflies for a stranger, Jennifer reminded her entire community that kind people do exist.

Do you have an idea for an act of kindness you’d like to perform in your community? Check out the act proposal page. We may be able to provide funding for your act, too!