Bringing Baby Gear to The Bloom Closet

Many foster children live in a constant state of transition and uncertainty. Change is difficult to handle, especially for kids, who need a certain level of stability in order to thrive. Random Acts Regional Representative Monai Liburd wanted to make life a little bit easier for foster kids and the families who care for them, and she found a local organization that does just that.

Blooming Youth in Georgia

Bloom is a nonprofit organization based in Fayetteville, Georgia supporting kids in foster care and their foster families. Steadily expanding their services since their 1986 founding, Bloom has helped thousands of foster children look and feel great with their unique boutique called The Bloom Closet.

The Bloom Closet provides a positive environment for foster kids to try on clothing and pick out toys from their shop, all at no cost to them thanks to generous donors. In addition to running The Bloom Closet, Bloom also supports foster parents by organizing family-friendly social events and offering books and DVDs to borrow at their onsite resource library.

Monai heard about Bloom through a coworker and set her plan into motion. Using funds generously provided by our spectacular donors, Monai was able to purchase diapers, baby wipes, bottles, baby clothing, bedding, pacifiers, and bath products. She happened to drop off the donations during a rainstorm, so the handoff to one of Bloom’s volunteers was quick! Monai said afterward, “I felt great to be able to help other babies out there.”

Image courtesy of Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

How You Can Support Foster Children

Feeling inspired by Monai’s act of kindness? You can help, too!

  • Donate goods, time, or money to organizations doing great work for foster kids like Bloom! See which nonprofits in your area are accepting donations or need volunteers.
  • Become a foster parent! Each country, province, and state have their own requirements, so do your research to find out if foster parenting is right for you and your family.
  • Support the foster parents in your life. Offer to drop off food or games for the entire family to enjoy.

Do you know a foster family who could use an act of kindness? Fill out a Sponsored Act form here to see if you are eligible for funding from Random Acts! Would you like to run your idea past someone first? Contact a Regional Representative in your area for assistance. We cannot wait to hear your kindness ideas!