Book Drive Karaoke

Last June, for example, volunteers in Bosnia Herzegovina responded to a local youth center’s dire need for resources. When members of the Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly noticed the dismal ratio of books to readers at the Rada Vranješević Children’s Home in Banja Luka, they made it their mission to shake things up.

With the help of Random Acts for materials and funding, and community media promoting their efforts, the volunteers of the Citizen’s Assembly were able to put together an exciting evening of karaoke for the public. Access to the festivities required only a book donation or one Euro to be put towards a fund for later purchases.

By evening’s end, the group had collected a remarkable 130 books as well as enough money to acquire 20 brand new titles for the children. The library would now be stocked with hundreds of new and gently used novels, non-fiction, geography maps, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Thanks to the determination of the Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly and thousands of other volunteers around the world each day, Random Acts has been able to help spread kindness to corners of the globe like never before.

This act of kindness was sponsored by Random Acts.

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