Bags of Comfort

Sometimes finding hope and seeing goodness in the world can be an incredible challenge. To help, Random Acts journeys to the American Midwest where one of our supporters was able to provide comfort and light to those who may have been having an especially difficult time finding it.

A Light in the Dark

In the American state of Ohio, Random Acts Supporter Michelle Bond wanted to find a way to provide support for victims of rape. To that end, Michelle put tremendous thought, empathy, and time into creating bags full of comfort and care that individuals reporting sexual violence to the police would be able to take home with them. Michelle began with items that could bring comfort to the senses: scented lotion, lavender oil, an aromatherapy bracelet, and soap with a heart-shaped necklace inside. But in recognizing the importance of emotional comfort, Michelle enlisted the help of her community.

Her first stop was a local mental health fair. Here, pamphlets for a wide variety of services were collected to give recipients of the bags easy access to available resources. Next, she attended an LGBTQ+ Pride celebration in Mansfield, Ohio. At her booth, Michelle collected over 100 cards from people in the community, with handwritten words of encouragement. These cards also went into the bags, giving tangible support and kindness to individuals to keep with them.

Despite setbacks and complications, Michelle was able to donate 25 bags to her local police station. Her project received support from both the city’s mayor and police force. Michelle feels the project was amazing for her city, and describes the community support as “inspiring.”

Closer to Home

Michelle’s project is an incredible example of how one person can truly make the world a brighter place. If you have a similar idea for a way to bring kindness to your own community, please see our Sponsored Acts page to see how we can help.