Appreciating Newspeople in Florida

April 4 is National Hug a Newsperson Day! While the origins of this day of appreciation are unknown, anyone who relies on newscasters and reporters to stay informed can understand why they deserve to be celebrated. Newspeople connect us to other people’s lives and experiences. Reporters keep us educated about world events, local issues, and stories that would otherwise remain untold. Hug a Newsperson Day is about more than hugs; it is about recognizing the importance of a free press and thanking the people who bring us the news.

Treat and card for newspeople in Florida

A Kindness Card with a treat!

A Sweet Treat

Feeling inspired by this dedicated day, Random Acts Regional Representative Misty Cash purchased treats to give to some hardworking newspeople in Florida. She also included Kindness Cards with messages of appreciation that she designed specifically for this occasion. Misty was able to spread the hugs around and visited both local and statewide news organizations, as well as student TV reporters from Chiles High School. The newspeople of WCTV were so touched by Misty’s kindness that they featured her in a broadcast news story!

When asked about the amount of hugs that were given and received that day, Misty said there were too many to keep track of. “One reporter who is really known for being a tough guy asked me for the hug (I didn’t actually think he would be willing to give me one, so I didn’t push giving it.). It was so awesome,” she added. Misty emphasized how difficult it has been for journalists in the past few years and said that she “wanted to show them some appreciation for doing so much to keep us informed about what goes on in our community, state, and world.”

Your Turn!

Would you like to take a page out of Misty’s book and perform an act of kindness for this year’s National Hug a Newsperson Day? Check out our Sponsored Acts page and see if your idea qualifies for funding! Unsure about what you would like to do? Connect with a regional representative in your area!