Your donations at work: Philippines Playground Constructed

Please enjoy this guest post by Angie Amos, Acts Proposal Officer for Random Acts.  Since this Act was funded, the Philippines has been deeply affected by this month’s Typhoon Haiyan.  Please consider donating to two charities working in the area:  the Red Cross and UNICEF.


Gianina Consing and her friends had a pressing concern: the Holy Infant Nursery playground in their community was in a sad state of disrepair. As home to more than thirty children aged three months to six years, providing a safe and welcoming place to play was an important goal for the children’s caregivers.

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Though the group was able to pool personal funds to purchase a few toys for the children, they knew they would need further assistance in order to make any substantial improvements to the playground area. Gianina, who had been following Random Acts’ efforts in Jacmel, Haiti to build the Jacmel Children’s Center, thought that perhaps this project, much smaller on scale but no less valuable, might be one Random Acts could support.

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Gianina applied for funding through the Act Proposal process and we at Random Acts were thrilled to approve her idea! Although there were weather delays and assorted other hiccups that accompany any renovation, Gianina, her friends, and the staff at the Holy Infant Nursery persevered, and a beautiful new playground was debuted, complete with a gorgeous hand-painted mural with a sweet artistic nod to Random Acts. To be quite honest, Gianina, your video made all of us here at Random Acts more than a little teary, both for the homage to our organization and for the happy faces of the children at Holy Infant.

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I hope you will take a moment to enjoy Gianina’s tribute to this amazing act of kindness. And to Gianina and the staff at Holy Infant Nursery, we salute you and wish the children many happy hours of play in their new playground.

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