From our Director: Where do all the dollars go?

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Cinde Monsam, Director

We are pleased to bring you a post by Cinde Monsam, Director of Random Acts.  


Where do all the dollars go?  Do you ever ask yourself that question?  I know I do! I also appreciate when I’m asked that by supporters of Random Acts.  It tells me two things:  1) you support us, thanks and 2) you care about what happens with that support, thanks again.  You work hard for the money you donate to us and we have an obligation and responsibility to be transparent as to how we spend your money.  However, if you ever have a question, drop me line (email) and I’ll get you an answer.  Let’s take a look at some of the things we’ve accomplished together so far this year, shall we?

We purchased a school bus for the students of the Free High School in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  We recently partnered with the Kalmat Foundation to buy school supplies for Sri Lankan students.  A woman victimized by slave labor traffickers was provided travel costs to go home and see her family after fifteen years.   The SAARA awards provided $6,500.00 dollars to other non-profits doing good work in the world.  Hope2Haiti has been our biggest expenditure by far, but we got so much return on the investment.   Have you seen the video on the new Jacmel Children’s Center?  Your support did that!

Our individual partners have requested and received funds to perform 38 acts of kindness in just the first two quarters of 2013.  Over $10,000.00 has been spent on those funded acts.  Global communities from Bosnia to Miami to the Philippines have been the recipients of some wonderful acts.  Your support has been used to supply books for poorly funded public libraries, provide household goods for a veteran who, with support, overcame his family’s homelessness, and to build a playground for a children’s home.  Random Acts funds have been used to provide gas cards to a family travelling hours daily to visit their premature baby in the hospital, nourish homeless persons, distribute notes of encouragement, baked goodies and smiles all over the world.

While our staff remains all volunteer, we do have administrative costs and some of your donations go there too.  But the entire Random Acts’ team strives to keep those costs as low as possible in every decision we make.  We are currently making enhancements to our website, so that we can provide better visual presentations.  Thus keeping you up to date and included in all the great things Random Acts supporters are doing across the globe.  Keep an eye out for the exciting videos and slide shows we will soon bring right to your screen.

Feeling good about how we spend your money?  I certainly hope so!  Together WE ARE conquering the world, one random act of kindness at a time.

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