What’s happening in your region?

As a global organization, Random Acts would like to inspire kindness the world over.  While we work under the advisement of our fearless leaders, at the core of our mission is to bring a bit of kindness to every corner – including your corner of the globe.

So how can you find out what’s going on near you?  Need help thinking of ideas for your area?

You may know Random Acts is divided into a series of regions, headed by a Regional Representative to help you with local connections and provide support for your endeavors.  Your Representative can also keep you in the loop about our big events and campaigns, like AMOK and E4K.

Another place to find great ideas are the Random Acts forums.  You can contact the Regional Representatives, find areas of the forum dedicated to your region, and view proposals and requests for help.

Let us know what you are doing in our forums or contact our Regional Representatives on Twitter.

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