What is AMOKuggles?

Image Credit: E. IpolaniAMOKuggles is a hugging kind of monster. A monster that wants to reach out and wrap you up in the long, but cozy arms of Random Acts. A monster that wants EVERYONE to be part of running AMOK on Sunday 10 March.

AMOKuggles is also a competition. That’s right there are PRIZES*!

We want to spread the word of AMOK far and wide. We want people all around the world going crazy with kindness on AMOK day. So we want you, our loyal friends, to go out and become AMOKuggles monsters yourselves. Wrap your long and friendly arms around as many people as you can (probably not literally) and get them to register for AMOK.

When you register for AMOK using our spiffy form, it asks if you were referred by anyone. That is: Did anyone in particular pass this information on and ask you to get involved?

So the game, dear friends, is this. Go out and spread your AMOKuggles arms wide. Get as many people as you can to register to undertake an act of kindness on Sunday 10 March. And when they register, ask them to put YOUR name in as the person who referred them.

The top three people that score the highest number of referrals will win! The only catch is that, like you, your referees must go ahead with their AMOK act and come back to us and report on their activity. So you can’t just register a heap of fake names in order to get a prize (not that we think any of you awesome people would do something like that).

Be free, AMOKugglers! Spread the word!

*Okay, so you can probably tell from the generic use of the word “prizes” that we may or may not have worked out what they actually are. But you know us. We have access to some pretty amazeballs stuff. So it’s probably going to be really good. Even if it might have been scribbled on.

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