We’re Headed to San Diego Comic Con — Come Join Us!

10483934_10152650537160407_1195889034019659713_nWe’re happy to bring you this special guest post by Random Acts Marketing Officer Kae Winters:

July is almost upon us, and the nerdiest of us know what that means — San Diego Comic-Con, held this year from July 8 to July 12, is so very, very close! I can’t be the only one who just let out an excited squeal, can I?

For those who don’t know, Comic-Con has been an annual event for 45 years now and draws tens of thousands of eager fans to the heart of San Diego to catch a glimpse of their favorite performers and artists in a celebration of all things geeky. Last year, several staff members handed out granola bars and juice boxes to fans who had camped out overnight in line for the Supernatural panel and were shortly joined by Misha who brought with him a huge amount of fresh coffee to deliver to everyone personally.

This year we’ve got some really exciting things planned, so if you’re attending the con or just in the area do swing by and tell us about all the neat acts of kindness you’ve got planned or ask us any questions.

Wayward Cocktails
Thursday July 9 at 7:30 p.m.
Analog Bar, 801 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA

We were delighted to be approached by SuperWiki who are hosting Wayward Cocktails, a fan event hosted in collaboration with Wattpad, FYeahCopyright and The Harry Potter Alliance to raise funds for Random Acts. There will be food, drinks (of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety), raffles, cosplay contests, giveaways and a Q&A with the stars of The Hillywood Show. Your friendly staff members Kae and Nicole will be present to answer any questions about Random Acts and our upcoming projects and events, and there may very well be a few other representatives milling around in the crowd. We’d love it if you came to say hi!

You don’t need a Comic-Con pass to attend Wayward Cocktails, but you do  need a ticket and there are some age restrictions for those under 18. For more details about the event itself, ticket prices, codes of conduct and the exciting entertainment planned check them out here.

Mobilizing Fandoms for Charity
Saturday July 11 at 11 a.m.
Room 14C

Hosted by GISHWHES‘ very own C.J. DeAngelus, this panel will be a discussion about working with fandom to create non-profits, motivating fans to use their enthusiasm to help improve the world and exploring how to get involved on an individual and global level. You’ll find Random Acts represented by Kae (and potentially our beloved Philip Schneider from GISHWHES), Marsia Powers from Fandom Charities, Rebecca Safier from California Browncoats and Anastasia Hunter from Gaslight Gathering. We’re still in negotiations with Comic-Con organizers to have mandatory kale capes provided for everyone who attends the panel, but so far they’ve been politely ignoring our emails.

You will need a day pass for Comic-Con to attend the panel. (Make sure to like their event on Facebook too for the latest updates!)

Kindness rally
All weekend
Convention Center concourse

What happens when you get a group of Random Acts staff members in one place? Shenanigans, that’s what.

Everyone loves a compliment, so Mel, Kelly, Kae, Nicole and Casey decided to have a little kindness rally to balance out some of the less compassionate voices that may happen to crop up. Look out for brightly colored signs held by a group of excitable geeks; we’ll have kindness ideas and maybe even some goodies to hand out! And since we’ll be hanging around outside the convention center, you won’t need a pass to say hello.

We’ll be rallying on and off over the week of the convention, so keep an eye out for us and if we’re not around make sure you set an awesome example and show everyone the kindness Random Acts is known for!

Not going to Comic-Con? Don’t fret; we’ll be posting regular updates and photos over the weekend so you can keep up to date with our activities — just make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram.

We’ll see you all soon!