Thinking Big in Levittown, PA

In the run up to AMOK 2013 we’ve been encouraging you to think big. We have a lot of faith in Random Acts supporters and we believe you’re capable of amazing things. Look at what you’ve achieved so far!

We’re glad to see so many people sharing their stories on our Facebook page, as well as the #AMOK tags on Twitter and Tumblr. Last week we were cruising the Twitter tag (as we sometimes do), when this popped up:

Naturally, we had to find out more.

Project Playground

Last year, children at Manor Elementary School in Levittown, Pennsylvania, abruptly lost their playground when it was closed due to safety concerns.

Step forward Laura Abercauph and a group of willing volunteers! Determined to find money for a new playground, they formed a fundraising committee and new PTO. So far they’ve raised $5,000, and have ambitious plans for the future.

“We’re trying to organise a fundraiser with some active and retired NFL players,” says Laura, “but we’re finding there’s a lot of red tape involved, so it’s slow going.”

Laura and her colleagues are deeply committed to Project Playground. Laura’s daughter currently attends, as did Laura herself. “I have so many fond memories of that school and the playground.”

The playground didn’t just serve the students at the elementary school. “The playground wasn’t fenced off from the community,” says Laura. “It was open to all of the kids in the district, from little ones to teenagers using it as a safe place to just hang out and talk.”

Laura and the committee are now looking at online fundraising sites like Crowdrise to help them push Project Playground further forward, but they’re not just looking for money. “Anybody in or near Levittown is welcome to get involved. If you can make phone calls or take notes, if you have ideas for events we can run, feel free to get in touch!”

We asked Laura why she chose to Tweet about Project Playground on the #AMOK tag, instead of one of her personal causes (she also fundraises for the ALS Association). “I thought about it, but then I remembered the ‘think big’ message. Project Playground just seemed like a perfect fit.”

#AMOK – share your stories

If you’re on Tumblr or Twitter, get on those hashtags and share your projects … and your dreams. What act of kindness have you dreamed about performing in your local community? Share it on the hashtag and you might just find some willing collaborators.

If you’re not on Twitter or Tumblr, you can always post on our Facebook page, join our Forum, or email and tell us what you’re planning that way. You can also contact your Regional Rep if you need more direct assistance.

Whatever you’re getting up to on March 10, we’re sure it’ll be AMOKspirational.

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